Friday, March 6, 2009

Updated update on compromise

UPDATED: Take 2 at writing this update post, with a bit more detail lol.

So the the earlier post on compromise was about my future and jobs. At that stage I possibly had the option of doing a job which I though would have allowed me to develop professionally, gain a good set of transferable skills and have an amazing experience for a year to work in a developing country helping businesses, so lots of first hand experience to aid me in my long run goal of working in development.

However the company and the particular job would be involved with interest bearing loans directly, something which i was uncomfortable about, hence was trying to figure out weather in this instance the long term end (skills acquisition and experience to work in development) outweighed the moral costs. It was never about the money, since I would have only been paid living costs, but it was about the experience for me.

I like to think fate has worked its way, so while that opportunity has gone, I do have a job for once I graduate, and still might go out there for the summer. But if I do it will be in a role I am much more comfortable about, kinda social audit function. So InshAllah thinks will continue to work out, and my original aims of an end can be fulfilled.

So hopefully this updated version makes a lot more sense then my rather more cryptic first attempt.



Anonymous said...

what are you talking about?

Mushowish said...

Hope the updated post makes a lot more sense anonymous

FutureGirl said...

sometimes you have to do the things you are uncomfortable with to learn. A job is not a marriage in which you stay in it forever, and you can speak with more knowledge on a subject you have been exposed to. So I would have said take the job even though it dealt with loans. It will teach and give insight, and ultimately take you somewhere.
Just my two cents

Mushowish said...

I was leaning towards taking the job for the experience if i had got it, as I felt it would have been a good experience, but I never got the year placement, and I have a good job now for next year. So as I said the future for now has sorted itself out. Although I will most probably take the summer option if I do get it.

Your right experience is key, I see jobs as a path of skills acquisition for me to get to some eventual end, and eventually allowing me to make some difference in the world (however small). I'm hoping it stays that way.