Thursday, February 12, 2009


Do the ends justify the means? For once i'm not talking about terrorism (or torture). We do it everyday, we make compromises, sometimes with people, and sometimes with situations. Some we do after much thought, others subconsciously with seemingly no thought given to it. But I do wander at what point do we cross that imaginary threshold that we vowed never to cross, how close to the edge before it becomes inevitable?

If the world was only purely black and white, every decision would be simple. But instead we live in a world which encompasses many shades. I guess this is part of me trying to figure out can you ever justify doing something you disagree with for the right reasons. At what stage does the benefits outweigh departing from your moral compass?

I think it just goes back to everything is destined, and we must have faith in Allah (swt)!


Jasmine said...

The ends justify the means as long as the ends benefit the whole of humankind.
Pretend for a second that you are this magical role model ok? Imagine, as hard as you can, that whatever actions you do: in terms of words, actions and responses to situations act like a magic wand and instantly turns the whole world into acting, behaving and deciding as you do. Imagine now the consequence of that - the consequence of everyone in the whole world behaving and thinking as you do in a situation.
If - such a thing will be good for humanity, the world and our lives, then the means should reflect that and so be worth it.
If such a thing has the opposite affect, then the means will reflect it, and the ends are not worth it.
And thats just the way it is.

Mushowish said...

Nice way of thinking of my lil problem. Although not sure that i can still decide either way lol. Still trying to figure out do the means actually achieve the ends, or just possibly lay a path that could achieve said ends. ah well not a decision i need to make just yet, time to do more research me thinks, and more pondering.

farahfaza said...

The ends justify the means in certain situations but if the means are wrong in themselves then you can't proceed.

The end is always unknown however sure you think you are!

Mushowish said...


I definitely agree with the ends never being certain. The predicament the post relates to has meant I don't need to make such a decision any more. I guess that's Qadr for you.

Nice to have someone reading my blog (if I can even call it that with it almost non existent postings :(, time for me to post more)