Sunday, November 8, 2009

An Unclear Path

So I've previously posted rather vague career related posts. The first was regarding a possible experience abroad with a private equity firm, which i was unsettled on for moral reasons, and the second was saying how it never happened. Although i wonder how clear the posts were in hindsight? As I alluded to in the updated post, i did get a graduate job in something completely unrelated.

So firstly I need to thank Allah(swt) for giving me a job. Especially in these tough times. It would be to easy to not be thankful for his Mercy and blessings.

I must say for a graduate job I'm very lucky, have had a variety of tasks to do, some responsibility, and now my first trip abroad. I'm being worked hard, which doesn't bother me too much (all though i don't think i could keep it up for too long). But it's the thought that i could spend my life working hard and not being able to show any real achievement at the end of that which scares me. Money comes and goes, so to measure success of a career by that is a false economy. I would like to think that I would measure success my knowing i have made a difference, to someone, in some shape or form. Idealistic maybe? who knows?

I've always feared getting sucked into the corporate vacuum. I've stayed away from finance which i was morally uneasy about. My aim to myself has been to enter the corporate world to get the right training, develop myself professionally, before trying to apply it in another field. Be it via an NGO or a socially responsible business. But 4 months in, I'm less clear then ever about how i can or should achieve my eventual aim. This is one of the many reason's I'm confused.

As i said at the start, i am thankful for having a good job, and compared to many and been blessed with many things. I think i need to appreciate that more, but i do not want to forget my end goal either. Hopefully with time the path will become clearer.



Sumera said...

Thats the nature of some jobs, especially if you're not particularly career driven (like me!) Just enjoy the job, you can always think about directions later :)

Mushowish said...

Salaams & Welcome to my blog! Def very true about enjoying the job and worry about direction later, just worry that i will get swept along that stream, and will end up in a job where i don't make a difference / don't enjoy it. I guess it's making sure you dont get stuck in something you don't like!!

Jasmine said...

tSalaam Mushowish! Great to see yo writing again!

But where is the wham? THe bam? The energy?!!

Dont worry about this, I am many years older than you - and let me tell you: everything is written already - and whatever you are experiencing right now, its just your story priming you for what you are meant for.

When I graduated (many years ago) I fell into many different jobs - I did well, but I was never happy.Thats because only good deeds make you happy - and sometimes we need to learn that by experiencing the people and the lifestyle of those in the pursuit of financial success.

What you are going through is "training" - look for what you need to learn, learn it and move on and up without fear and inshallah, everything will be ok.

Grab your experiences and eat them!! You will remember even the bad ones with love in the end. I promise.


Dreamlife said...

I'm similar - in the sense that i have this phobia about getting sucked into the world of business and commerce.

I think you're on a good setting, mentally, by taking the attitude to build your experience over time - and then apply yourself to something more socially uplifting.

The key is to keep your goal in your mind, and maybe have regular reviews every once in a while - to see what you've learnt, and how you can use that towards your future goal.

In the meantime, though, don't discount the value of volunteer work in the kind of organisation you want to end up in long-term.

I have this ideal of wanting to work in an Islamic organisation or something socially uplifting - but I really don't know how or when that'll happen.

But like you, I have hope that it'll all unfold in time. Just make dua and be patient, and trust Allah - because He is the best of planners :)