Monday, March 29, 2010

A few photos from Dutchland

So thought would be a good idea to post some photos from my recent trip to Amsterdam. Break my rather crap track record on the the posting front. I could try and blame work for keeping me busy, but that would just be an excuse (not that work hasn't been keeping me crazily busy most of the time).

Had a nice long weekend in Amsterdam a few weekends back, which was pretty sweet. Really enjoyed how relaxed amsterdam was, so much more chillaxed then London. Worlds apart, and a chance for me to mess around with taking pics for the first time in a while.

It was so nice just wandering along the canals and going into cafes (not coffeeshops!!!).

I found this random bagel shop which had the most awesome bagels with flavoured creams cheese, which was just awesome. Never been much of a cream cheese fan before, but this stuff was just soooo good, puts philidelphia to shame!!!

Another little find i enjoyed was this kick ass choclate shop, they had cool flours like vanila poppyseed in white chocolate. The downside was the chocs cost about €2 each, but they were def worth it, and they were nice and big chocs. Would def recommend it, for anyone interested -

The other cool thing i did was go see a Jazz band play live, was in this kinda concert hally thing, but was really cool, so awesome to see them play live, was an interesting mixed band of an american, 2 canadians, a dutch dude and a pianist from england.

Visited Anne's franks house, which i guess is compulsury for most tourists. Was good to visit, for me the thing i took away was just how much we take freedom for granted. To imagine , barely being able to move or speak during the day for years on end for the fear of being discovered is pretty crazy. Shows how lucky we really are.

After visting anne's franks house going back to the theme of food. (me a lover of food and coffee never!) , went to this cool pancake house. Had a cool appley struddley pancake, with lots of cream and vanilla icecream, pretty much a meal in itself.

Hmm think it's time for me to plan another long weekend somewhere, where too next thats the question? any suggestions ?

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'liya said...

Finally you post something! I really like the first pic you have in black and white, gives it a really nice look.

We wanted to go to Anne Frank's house and walked there but the line up was SO long, went around the street so we left because then we thought we wouldn't have time to do anything else.

Sounds as though you had a nice relaxed weekend! I like Amsterdam, it has a nice happy but also laid back and easygoing feeling.