Monday, May 4, 2009


The Water stairway, Al-Hambra, Granada

A truly tranquil place, walking down the stairs in the shade of the trees, with the sound of water flowing down the handrails. Very surreal, but cool. Guess it would be rather romantic, if not for the number of tourists :)

Would definitely recommend visiting the Al Hambra. I def want to go back again!



Cookie Monster said...

I was supposed to be in Seville and Granada this week, but changed plan in favour of my trip to NYC later in the year.... I should have gone! :P

That Mash Guy said...

I just got back from Islamic Spain a couple weeks ago. amazing place. Loved it to bits.

*MuslimChica* said...

It certainly seems like a cozy little place you can find a place to sit in and ponder about things : )

'liya said...

I loved the alhambra! I want to see more of your travel pics :D

Mushowish said...

Welcome to my blog(which has been rather badly kept my me :( ) everyone apologises for not responding to the above comments. Tres bad of me :(

Cookie Monster: make sure you do go to andalucia (the region of spain with granada in it). I'm sure NYC was a cool trip in itself. I've been twice to granada now, but still want to go back.

That Mash Guy - I've only really done granada, really want to do the rest of islamic spain. One day inshallah!!

MuslimChica: You definitely can do that (although a few too many tourists). When it was just a palace, and not a tourist attraction, must of been amazing roaming the grounds all by yourself, or as i guess happened many a time by the palace inhabitants, as a couple.

"liya: Some of photos form Marrakesh are up.