Sunday, October 5, 2008

the beginning.

Everything starts somewhere, and my blog begins here (stating the obvious aren't I, i overdo the whole sarcasm thing, maybe I will eventually learn). So who am I? Well I'm a 20 something muslim university student (well for another year at any rate). Im born and bred in the UK and like most people my age I think, I am confused. Hence my attmept at an arabic blog name (which knowing me i have got both the arabic and the tranliteration wrong). Ana Mushowish should mean - 'I am confused', so please correct me if i'm wrong.

Whats the point of this blog?

I'm not 100% sure, i think it a way of trying to get some honest feedback on my opinions, while also through the process of jotting down my thoughts seeking clarification for myself.


The Muslim Kid said...

haha funny,

i know ana means I, first person singular.

so ur probably correct, dont know about the grammar thought

-The Muslim Kid-

toastedAndDoubleMeatSubwayClubwWthLowfatCheese said...

assalam-o alaikom,
funny name indeed except that mushowish makes you the doer (well, your posts do confuse me! haha jk)
anyway, the object form of the word is mushowAsh. good luck.

Mushowish said...

Wailikum as salam toasedanddoublemeatsubwaywithlowfat...

Nice to be corrected on my arabic. I agree I probably am the one who confuses people. Well Mushowish is here to stay, even if technically not exactly what i wanted it to be.